hardware repairsOver time computers get clogged up with unwanted software and old files, slowing them down and causing them to under perform. The system deteriorates with time and soon crashes, leading to costly repairs. Businesses suffer significant loss of time, efficiency and productivity. 

Sign onto our regular housekeeping services and massively reduce the deterioration of your computer, prevent system crashes  and prolong the life of your computers. 


Our computer hardware maintenance services include

  • Antivirus software update and scan
  • Malware/spyware removal
  • Cleaning out of old files
  • Removal of unwanted software
  • Deleting temporary files
  • Temporary internet files purging
  • Registry repairs, defragmentation and backup
  • Removal of duplicate files, empty folders and broken links
  • System file repairs
  • Hard disk error checks
  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Installed software updates
  • Installation of necessary microft updates and service packs
  • Backup of files and folders
  • Backup of drivers
  • Backup of system files

Give us a call today and benefit from the works of our experienced staff.

About Us

McAbe Solutions is an Information Technology company based in Accra, Ghana. We provide IT support services to startup companies, as well as small and medium scale enterprises, whose size does not justify hiring the services of a full time IT personnel, or setting up an IT departments. We understand that, for many small/medium scale businesses, it is simply not cost effective to have and a full time internal IT Support team, especially in the current economical climate. Read more

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